PR Card Renewals

PR Card Renewals

Permanent Residents of Canada must have a valid PR card in order to enter Canada via any commercial carrier such as plane, bus, train, or boat – if you do not have a valid PR card, you will not be allowed to board the vehicle.

You may enter Canada without a valid PR card via the land border in a private vehicle or at an airport via private plane. However, this is not recommended as failure to present a valid PR card can cause problems at Canadian customs when you enter Canada in the future.

What are the requirements to renew the PR card?

To renew your PR card, you must be a permanent resident of Canada and meet the residence requirement of having spent at least 730 days out of the last 5 years inside Canada or meet one of the exemptions (see below).

You do not need to currently have or have ever had a PR card – you can apply to get your first or replace your PR card now.

You must have a valid passport to renew your PR card. If you do not have a valid passport, and it is impossible for you to obtain one, contact us to discuss your options.