C-10 Work Permit

C-10 Work Permit

This is the category under which Canadian employers can hire temporary employees who prove to significantly benefit Canada socially, economically, culturally or will be providing Canada with some competitive advantages. There could also be reciprocal benefits enjoyed by Canadian citizens and permanent residents. In such cases, an employee can be hired without a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Documentary evidence needed for the application:

There should be proper documentation provided by the foreign national who seeks for the work permit under the category of significant benefit LMIA exemption code C10.

The documentation should include the evidence of how the foreign national is going to be a significant benefit to the social, economic and cultural fabric of Canada. The evidence should show that the applicant is highly proficient in their field via the letter of recommendations, their background and credentials. The applicant’s education and work experience are also considered.

The officer will consider how the applicant is exempt from the LMIA, the activities that the applicant will be performing, what are the job requirements and how they align with the substantial benefit, and the educational requirements of the job. In short, the documentation provided must be supportive of the applicant’s ability to provide significant benefit to Canada.

What is considered significant during evaluation of the application?

There is no exhaustive list of economic, social or cultural benefits that the applicant could adhere to in proving that they will provide substantial benefit. However, the benefits expected are like creation of jobs, expansion of Canadian industry, creation of opportunities, increase in physical and mental well-being of Canadian society, etc.